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Bastian is a Senior Researcher within the Tools, Practices, Systems programme of the Alan Turing Institute in London, where he and his team are working on how to enable the co-creation of citizen science projects. Before this he was leading the Peer-Produced Research Lab at Université Paris Cité within INSERM unit UMR1284. Overall, Bastian’s research centers around how open source/science technologies can be used to empower individuals and communities to engage in their own knowledge production. He does so by bringing together applied and theoretical methods from computer/data science, human-computer-interaction and critical science & technology studies. In a former life he was a biologist-turned-bioinformatician-turned-citizen-scientist who did a Master’s degree in Ecology & Evolution and ended up doing a bioinformatics PhD on how symbiotic relationships influence genomic evolution.

Bastian is an avid fan of Open (Source|Access|Science|Culture|.*) and is convinced that basically everything is better if you add open in front of it. He co-founded openSNP – a crowdsourced/citizen science open data project that puts personal genetics data into the public domain – in 2011 as his first citizen science effort. Since 2017, he also acts as the Director of Research for Open Humans – a non-profit that provides digital and social infrastructure around personal-data driven citizen science and self-research.

In the pre-pandemic days he traveled a lot and liked it. Beyond his interest in data driven self-improvement he is also interested in Do It Yourself Biology.

Bastian Greshake Tzovaras
36a Woolwich Road
London SE10 0JU
United Kingdom

phone: 🇬🇧 +447474646919 | 🇪🇺 +33766752149
twitter: @gedankenstuecke

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